About Us

Jo Japanese Restaurant

Authentic Japanese cuisine is rare in Singapore. At Jo Japanese Restaurant, we take pride in serving Japanese cuisine at peak freshness. From each ingredient to final presentation, we strive to deliver the authentic and traditional Japanese dining experience.

  • Located at Seletar Country Club, next to the tranquillity of Seletar Reservoir
  • Authentic Japanese Cuisine, Kaiseki Ryori (cuisine) and Omakase
  • Warm ambience and setting with indoor sitting capacity of up to 32pax coupled with choice of alfresco sitting at Patio of additional 20pax.
  • Caters to wine and sake pairing events for Corporate events, birthday and anniversary celebrations
  • Setting to enable bonding, building of corporate image and relationship building
  • Supports Buffet and Omakase for event requirements
  • Be Pampered by the quality of service support

Our Food

We take pride on freshness of our food prepared with Culinary Skills using a range of cooking techniques – a likely combination is a mix of raw food, dressed food such as salads or cold dressed noodles known as aemono, deep fried (agemono), steamed (mushimono), one-pot (nabemono), simmered (nimono), soups (suimonoor shirumono), vinegared (sunomono), glazed (teriyaki style) and pickled (tsukemono). The meal is often artistically presented to highlight the flavour of seasonal food.

Omakase Dining

The truth of omakase lies in the word
itself—directly translated, it means "I leave

it up to you." or “I trust you, chef” This is a special set of meal specially curated and crafted by the chef based on selected and inclusive of quality seasonal food, largely imported from Japan.


Kaiseki Dinners

Kaiseki Cuisine or Kaiseki Ryori is a
traditional Japanese meal consisting of multiple small courses. The kaiseki ryori of today is incredibly prestigious. Made using only the finest ingredients, it is considered to be the epitome of fine dining in Japan and is compared with haute cuisine in the West.


Teishoku Lunches

Teishoku is a type of Japanese set meal, where all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set. Teishoku dining is based on theichiju-issai(or “one soup, one side”) traditional meals, which included a main, soup, rice, and pickles.

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